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  • What are the requirements to join Talent Village?
    We only accept professional Instagram accounts who are signed with at least one of our partners have a 10K plus Instagram following.
  • I’m not agency-signed, but I have a high following, can I still sign up?"
    We only work with agency-signed talent, so unfortunately you won’t be accepted just based on your following or engagement.
  • My agency doesn’t show on the app registration, how can I apply?"
    We work with an elite group of select agency partners, so if you’re agency isn’t listed, unfortunately your application will be unsuccessful.
  • What is a brief?
    This is the term we use to describe social brand collaborations on Instagram. Once accepted, these campaigns allow you to earn money in exchange for co-created Instagram content.
  • How do I get paid?
    Your agency will pay you based on their terms – we release all funds to your agency within 7 working days.
  • How long do I have to leave the post in my feed for?
    To avoid breaching your terms and conditions, you must leave the post live for 90 days and at the top of your feed for 24 hours minimum.
  • What is a perk?
    These are unique experiences and offers which are available for our community. Once you redeem a perk you are requested to share one Instagram story as a “thank you”.
  • How do I get in touch with your sales team?
    Get in touch with us today:
  • Why do you only work with agency-signed talent on Instagram?
    We have a talent-first approach, over and above that of influence, that’s because we believe that credible talent who have a particular skillset in a creative field, benefit from an expertise and authority to talk about a specific topic, thus supplying brands with an authentic in their space.
  • How can your solution match true talent for my brand?
    Our technology identifies relevant, available talent and their Instagram data tied to their targeting preferences which are based on your targeting requirements to deliver a valid shortlist. Additionally, our account managers provide a human element and are able to ensure we match your brand with the talent who share these same values.
  • How do you deal with accounts with fake followers?
    All our community is hand vetted by our talent team. As well as checking content quality, we control audience credibility, therefore any influencer with an account with fake followers will have no place in the Talent Village community. Our technology also alerts any spikes in following outside regular patterns so we are constantly able to identify fraudulent activity.
  • What verticals do you provide solutions for?
    We provide solutions for an array of verticals, including FMCG, Fashion, Beauty and Skincare, Technology, Travel, Gaming, Health & Wellness.
  • How many active influencers do you have in your community?
    To date our global community currently exceeds 7,000+ profiles who have already published 13,254 Instagram posts across 409 campaigns at an average engagement rate of 6.7%.
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